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of one's own accord[?v w?nz ?un ??k?:d] 
of one's own accord 基本解释主动地,自愿地;自行;
of one's own accord 双语例句

1. At present this case still is in cognizance, this employee already left his post of one's own accord later on last year.

2. When new like a my station protects skin to taste the store on the net to just began to become a link with others, very rare stationmaster is willing, because PR is 0, rise now 3, I do not become a link, however some of stationmaster was linked with me of one's own accord now, common heart, no matter your station PR is 1 still be 6, course of study of person of the same trade, do not break the law, the rank that not cogged website wants you only is good, it is normal to collect I am linked gladly.

3. Each days, the brother of editorial office can work overtime of one's own accord before dawn.

4. To such human affairs layout, 100 think of buyer face to express, wang Jianguo is to put forward to leave of one's own accord, and rather than 100 consider bought one-sided decision.

5. Be ready to; willing; of one's own accord; Voluntary and conscious

of one's own accord的反义词

6. On a voluntary basis; of one's own accord

7. Take the initiative; do something of one's own accord

of one's own accord

8. Done of one's own accord; voluntary.

9. Be ready to; willing; of one's own accord; voluntary and conscious

of one's own accord的意思

10. Findings report of Chinese game industry data originates by Chinese edition assist game is versed in appoint and international data company (the Chinese game property that IDC) develops jointly investigates an activity, basically pass in each big website puts in questionnaire and netizen to fill in of one's own accord the means of questionnaire will get an user to investigate information, reclaim investigation questionnaire gross exceeds 510 thousand.

11. After one has practiced filial piety and fraternal respect toward one's own parents and siblings, one should focus on one's uncles and cousins. That is the second level of humaneness, and is in accord with principle.

12. Enterprise annuity, it is to show enterprise and its worker are on the base that plays primary endowment insurance lawfully, the system of compensatory endowment insurance that builds of one's own accord.

of one's own accord

13. Done of one's own accord; voluntary. go/set about one's work

14. According to Gu Ge a spokesman of the company expresses, the time that cereal song company will cooperate formally of one's own accord adjourns 3 half moon, make American judiciary has enough time to trade to this undertake investigating.

15. Compensatory insurance is to point to be sure basically besides the country outside, unit of choose and employ persons bears according to his economy ability etc element, it is a kind of insurance that laborer establishs of one's own accord.

16. It is necessary to continue to adhere to the cooperation mode featuring the respect of diversity, acting on one's own accord and reaching consensus through consultation, and maintain the correct trend of development.

of one's own accord的意思

17. Responsibility consciousness means that on the basis of understanding one's own role and the social requirements under certain condition, the subject holds his own behavior and consequence, makes it accord with idea, emotion and will which are coherent with the social requirement.

of one's own accord的意思

18. Namely, judicial rationality is the unity of value and truth justice, it is the justice to meet demands of the people and the judicial objective law which accord with the social development and attribute of its one's own rule of development.

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