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magnify 基本解释


及物动词放大; 夸大; 赞美; 夸奖

不及物动词放大; 有放大能力

magnify 同义词

动词stretch enhance enlarge intensify extend increase broaden exaggerate amplify expand inflate

magnify 反义词


及物动词diminish reduce minify

magnify 相关例句


1. Tony wanted to magnify that picture.

2. Ned likes to magnify his achievements.

3. This microscope magnifies an object 100000 times.


1. Telescopes and microscopes magnify.

magnify 网络解释

1. 放大镜实用程序:mspaint---画图板 | magnify---放大镜实用程序 | mmc-----打开控制台

2. 放大镜:Windows防火墙 firewall.cpl | Windows放大镜 magnify | Windows管理体系结构 wmimgmt.msc

magnify 双语例句

1. My ideal is to invent a pair of miraculous chopsticks when I grow up, one of the chopsticks is thin, the other is thick. The small one can minify everything in the world, on the contrary, the thick one can magnify everything. if one day, there is burglar sneaking into my house, I will minify the burglar as small as a fish, and put him into the aquarium by the thin chopstick.

2. A telescopic sight, eg on a rifle, to magnify the target

3. The spider looks for a place first, observe a few days again, was no problem certainly, begin spin next, form one magnify network slowly again, waiting for prey to swallow the bait.

4. And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and magnify thy name, and thou shalt be blessed.

5. In this measuring system design, we use 8051 MCU as main control part that can harmonize other parts, such as LCD display, pulse generating and pulse counting; pulse stream generator design is a key and hard technology in this system design. We use CPLD as pulse distributor so that motor movement can drive piston pout pulse stream, and the above design had been tested has good performance. The difficulty of the electronic system design lies in the laser is very faint for being photodetected, known as 10-6~10-9W. After lots of test, we bring forward a new design of the photoelectricity system, it has the advantages of both reduce the noise and magnify the signal. Among this, ellipse type filter can reduce the beyond band noise very well. At last, through the performance test and results analysis, primary experimental results indicates that the project useing the method of non-contact IOP measurement based on laser interference to measure IOP should be feasible, and are turning into mature.

6. If do away with a few specious traditions, make space of a few psychology and visual vacuum transition, jump from, false or true is applied, the space can magnify, just also escape likely the life form of those be dead as mutton.

7. On such platform, the user can magnify indefinitely to the demand of content, platform of Internet of no less than is arisen, the user is overflowed to moving, game also can repeat in the demand on the mobile phone in those days the legend on Internet.

8. You, oh Lord, are the one and only God over all the universe, and we magnify Your name today.

9. And His purpose is always to magnify His glory and the testimony of His church through both victorious and trying moments.


10. Exaggeration is a way, based on objective reality, to magnify or minify an object deliberately.

11. Then we can conclude that Qaidam Basin is Located in the center of Tibetan Plateau and it is very sensitive to the global climatic change in Tibetan Plateau. It not only responses very quickly to climate change, but also can magnify climatic trends and tectonic signals by some processes of the positive feedback.

12. I can't say i'm good and all patient with nosy and unfamiliar reporters who seem all out to sensationalise and magnify whatever negative news they can get their hands on.

13. Cui Fei earnestly pinned some dried vines and potato roots vertically on the wall to form a soft of Phags-pa scripts (The Phags-pa script is a Brahmic script based on Tibetan that was used for writing Mongolian, Chinese and other languages during the Mongolian Yuan dynasty between 1271and 1368), while Zeng Fanzhi seemed to magnify these small organic forms through his paintings, then embarked on an endless entanglement on a variety of natural or non-natural backgrounds.

14. ABC ImageBrowser has a slideshow-like interface that allows you to organize, magnify, e-mail, edit and printimages from your computer or a Web site.

15. I want to magnify this picture.


16. This software can be used by visually-impaired and others who need to magnify a part of the screen.

17. However, these methods are inclined to magnify the noise or introduce new noise.

18. We did everything in our power to aid him and magnify his movement.


19. Disclose in magnify, as a result of big this year in electric equipment is bought by national beautiful electric equipment, what its hold equity to undertake cession, just to bureau of city land tax one-time pay individual income tax amounts to 560 million yuan, the duty paid proof of individual income tax that got bureau of city land tax is opened to him.

20. Do you know how can I set the duplicating macline in model of magnify.

magnify 词典解释magnify是什么意思

1. magnify是什么意思

1. 放大;扩大
To magnify an object means to make it appear larger than it really is, by means of a special lens or mirror.

e.g. This version of the Digges telescope magnifies images 11 times...
e.g. A lens would magnify the picture so it would be like looking at a large TV screen.

2. 加强;加大;加剧
To magnify something means to increase its effect, size, loudness, or intensity.

e.g. Poverty and human folly magnify natural disasters...
e.g. Their noises were magnified in the still, wet air.

3. 夸大;夸张
If you magnify something, you make it seem more important or serious than it really is.

e.g. They do not grasp the broad situation and spend their time magnifying ridiculous details...
e.g. Any signs of discontent tend to be magnified and overanalyzed.

magnify 单语例句

1. Those who magnify such minor issues and deliberately raise a wave of nostalgia for the colonial era bring only chaos and disorder to our society.

2. Experts say environmental degradation such as deforestation and pollution will likely magnify the impacts of climate change.

3. magnify是什么意思

3. But analysts warn of speculative activities, which could magnify market risks in the initial stage of the financial futures market.

4. Generally speaking, movies magnify the actor's face for the viewers to see.

5. Scientists magnify the DNA in the samples several million times, making them large enough to reveal hereditary information.

6. magnify

6. The Chinese Government and media were wise to magnify the importance of the occasions.

7. Manila has insisted on claiming the island in recent decades, and has tried to magnify the dispute by playing it up on several multilateral occasions.

8. He said high export growth cannot continue in months ahead as the impact of the European crisis on the Chinese economy is set to magnify.

9. These ads not only lead to unhealthy consumption trends, but also magnify the sense of unfairness felt by disadvantaged groups.

10. " We hope the public treats the incident as an individual case and doesn't magnify it, " said Peng at the university.

magnify 英英释义


1. magnify在线翻译

1. make large

e.g. blow up an image

Synonym: blow up enlarge

2. increase in size, volume or significance

e.g. Her terror was magnified in her mind

Synonym: amplify

3. to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth

e.g. tended to romanticize and exaggerate this `gracious Old South' imagery

Synonym: overstate exaggerate overdraw hyperbolize hyperbolise amplify

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