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keep to  
keep to 基本解释待在;遵守[坚持];保密;谈话不离题;
keep to 网络解释

keep to

1. 坚持;固守(习惯等):keep out of 躲开,(使)置身...之外 | keep to 坚持;固守(习惯等) | keep to oneself 保守秘密,不与人来往

2. 遵守,信守;坚持:keep off (使)不接近,(使)让开 | keep to 遵守,信守;坚持 | keep up 保持,(使)继续下去;使居高不下

3. 保持,坚持:keep out of躲开,置身......之外 | keep to保持,坚持 | keep up with向......看齐,跟上......

4. 坚持,保持:keep on 继续不断,保持 | keep to 坚持,保持 | keep up 保持,维持;继续进行,坚持

keep to 双语例句

1. To keep from packet looping in network, a hop count field is used in the header of packet. 6. A PRN operating system is developed under the radio platform. First, we analyzed the source code of NOS, which is developed according to TCP/IP.

2. We decided to keep after the thief.


4. The emancipation of their minds, the raised economic incomes and social status, and also the strengthened pressure from their works make more and more women go out and choose the form of travel to relax and keep abreast of the outside world.

5. The article writes freely at will, full of vigor, recount the dint to avoid even spread to keep the xu, communicate officially to jump up to tremble to move much, the details is breathtaking and suspicious but again not disobey the reason, open up the jing to build the idea, beg intentionally lately.

6. In the course of their work, we have to keep the action, endless innovation.

7. Therefore, parents should be modest and open-minded to keep up with modern timesand to learn how to educate an outstanding child.

8. We are just going to keep chugging away.

keep to

9. Tiealign is a great way to keep your necktie straight and in place at all times.

10. Around the world international aids go wrong keep the peace a shortage of food cause sb. to do sth. live in poverty in real life people in need belong to the UN a UN Goodwill ambassador give a speech be pleased to do sth. have the chance to do sth. refer to sb./ sth. be made up of mean to do sth./ doing sth. be honoured to do sth. take on this role set up/about doing/down/out to do be based on develop friendly relations with sb. co-operate in doing sth. promote respect for human rights as you know touch the lives of people everywhere be involved in with the help of sb. worthy organizations be worth doing sth.= be worthy of being done assist the victims of wars in addition protect sb. from doing sth. prevent sb. from doing sth. child labour record sth.= make records of be aware of sth./ make sb aware of draw one's attention=draw the attention of sb. add sth. to sth.
add up/add up to under the umbrella of 全世界国际援助出错保持和平缺少食物导致某人做某事生活贫穷在现实生活中有需要的人属于联合国一位联合国亲善大使做讲座高兴做某事有机会做某事谈及某人或某事由某物组成打算做某事/意味着做某事荣幸做某事承担这个角色建立/着手工作/写下/开始做以…为基础和某人发展友好关系合作做某事促进对人权的尊敬正如你所知道的涉及每个地方人们的生活涉及;卷入在某人的帮助下令人尊敬的组织值得做某事帮助战争的受难者除了保护某人免受…的伤害阻止某人做某事童工记录某事意识到引起某人的注意把…加到…/加起来/加起来为在…的保护下 17 41。

11. I don't want to have the listening class, so I put the big earphone while the volume is zero; I have no desire to have the oral English class, so I must be the one who doesn't preview the task; I can't pay attention to the grammar class, so the most terrible thing for me is that my cellphone battary runs down in the class; I hate the PE class, so I calculate on the teacher to continue his nonsense; I'm afraid of realising my fault, so I keep going to the library to comfort myself.

12. Although, it seems that the priority for agriculture water use is higher than other water demand when the agriculture water demand is preserved, the manipulation for agriculture demand is conservative. Been preserved as a higher water right, the agriculture water demand is to keep the same amount as it used to be, but not considering the potential need of long or short period water re-distribution caused by the hydrological or environmental condition such as the draught period or the depletion of groundwater water.

13. I wrote this letter for you to keep, and when you need a reminder of how I feel.

14. Without special refrigeration air-condition house, it uses a jalousie window to circle airflow. The central air-conditioning system uses an inconstant wind system, to keep the control quality of temperature and humidity in the whole workshop.

keep to

15. The conclusion is that the writer should go through mature period if he wants to keep raising momentum.

16. Real bless if you like to keep many companions.

keep to的解释

17. But we will keep in touch, and I will fly over to see you at Christmas.

18. Please keep the badges properly, to reissue, organizer will charge RMB10 for each badge, the sum
请妥善管展商证,如有遗失须补发,大会将收取每张10 元的政费,所有款项将拨

19. It is ill-advised to keep the gas tank in your home for it ignites easily and may burn up your hard-earned fortune in a few minutes.

keep to的反义词

20. If you're going to hitch-hike through Turkey, you had better keep your wits about you.

keep to 单语例句

1. keep to的近义词

1. Huang said more should be done to encourage private companies to keep their business in the production of goods and provision of services.

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2. Online business websites were required to keep transaction records for at least two years.

3. Cheryl is also allegedly determined to keep the pair's Chihuahua dogs Coco and Buster.

4. All central banks need to do is to keep printing money to buy up government debt.

5. Market makers are qualified financial institutions which offer selling and buying prices of currencies and trade those currencies to keep the market liquid.


6. Chinese investors are divided over whether it's safe to keep buying shares in the volatile stock market.

7. These measures are necessary to give the people enough buying power to keep the economy going.


8. Investors reacted with enthusiastic buying, driven by the belief that this move indicated government resolution to keep boosting the market.

9. Chelsea needed to win to keep the championship alive but were severely limited by the injury absence of key striker Didier Drogba.

10. GM and government officials had urged a quick approval of the sale, saying it was needed to keep the automaker from selling itself off piece by piece.

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