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implement 基本解释

及物动词实施,执行; 使生效,实现; 落实(政策); 把…填满

名词工具,器械; 家具; 手段; [法]履行(契约等)

implement 相关例句



1. The committee's decisions will be implemented immediately.

2. We need money to implement the program.


1. The store supplies agricultural implements.

implement 网络解释

1. 工具:定义接口的语法 如下:接口也无法直接创建实例,这是因为其中含有定义不完整的抽象方法,同样,包含抽象方法的抽象类可以通过继承来使用它,接口则必须通过类工具(implement)来使用,一个类可以实现多个接口,例如下面的例子:

2. 完成:但是不前往任何数据到客户端. 只前往包含内容消息的长度的header. 由于用到GET操作,此办法该当是很安全的(没有反作用)也是可反复使用的. 此办法的缺省完成(implement)主动地处理了HTTPDE的HEAD操作并且不需求经过一个子类完成(implement).

implement 双语例句


1. At first This paper formulates the necessity for depurating network information content, and introduces the history of information security and study point in information security. Also this paper analyses in detail the key technology of content filtering such as data frame capture, bridge, network protocol analysis and content analysis. And then this paper comes up with the solution for content filtering facing application layer which is based on the technology of protocol analysis and format conversion in combination with text filtering techonology of Multiple Patterns Matching..Also this paper amplifies on the design and the implement method of each module. Finally this paper introduces how the client of content filtering system manages the keywords and log and makes suggestion for the improvement of the system.

2. This is the implement you will use 90% of the time to shape product in the kitchen.
这是贯彻落实你将使用90 %的时间内,以形成产品在厨房。


3. Here`s the steps on how to implement it.

4. Therefore, we should continue to implement the macro-control policies to prevent re-expansion of real estate development.

5. In optical engineering application, the prisms'beam folding function is often used to implement the image rotation, detection and measurement.

6. YuBei distrit have a synthetically treatment engineering on the lake:Establishe the sewage system along the shore to collecte the waste water; Arrange plant decontamination bed to make the rainwater clean; Whole cure the lake gulf and plant the shore to protect the waterbody; pure the lake`s bottom, implement dredging engineering; Arrange deep water aerate and circulation equipments which can make the water flow; Put the fish fry into the lake to protecte waterbody.

7. Furthermore, we design and implement GSML as the medium of resources in digital library instances.


8. After that, we design and implement the flexible process self-definition and management system prototype.

9. The devil is in the details, he said:'Whether this betters the situation in rural areas and improves farmers'lives doesn't depend on the policy itself, but on how we implement the policy and a series of details and limitations, which will be mapped out later.

10. In our design, we choose a quasi-lossless current conveyor based current sensing technique to implement our current-mode control.

11. The government has agreed to implement the recommendation in the report.

12. We should design, implement, analyze, report and present our findings rigorously.

13. Design and implement test case, report test result


14. Second, continue to implement the Survey and Mapping Report Audit Scoring System.

15. Implement, manage and report on machine qualifications/evaluation plan, as agreed upon with marketing and engineering.


16. A framework to implement report publishing of financial system is proposed.

17. Chapter 4 is about the corresponding opinions and suggestions aimed to implement comprehensive income report and relevant problem, which aims at the characteristics and current situations of the income statement of our country.

18. For the companies with sufficient solvency I, the commission may require the companies to submit and implement the plans to prevent the occurrence of insufficient solvency.

19. Use the timed loops to implement independent timing for each real-time tasl.
使用 timed-loop ,您可以执行一个具备多执行绪的程式。

20. We are committed to taking rapid action to implement these principles.

implement 词典解释The verb is pronounced /'?mpl?ment/. The noun is pronounced /'?mpl?m?nt/. 动词读作 /'?mpl?ment/,名词读作 /'?mpl?m?nt/。


1. 履行;实施
If you implement something such as a plan, you ensure that what has been planned is done.

e.g. The government promised to implement a new system to control financial loan institutions...
e.g. The report sets out strict inspection procedures to ensure that the recommendations are properly implemented.

Very little has been achieved in the implementation of the peace agreement signed last January.
去年 1 月签署的和平协议基本上没有得到贯彻执行。


2. 工具;器具;用具
An implement is a tool or other piece of equipment.

e.g. ...knives and other useful implements.
e.g. ...writing implements.

implement 单语例句


1. Our goal is to integrate our business across the 20 some breweries and implement global best practices to increase the efficiency of the operations.

2. China is by no means willing to adopt and implement any subsidy and preferential policies for domestic automakers that contravenes WTO rules.

3. The program will implement an appointment system, which includes appraisals by an expert panel team.


4. By emphasizing measures to balance supply and demand in the property market, the central government is trying to drive home the necessity to fully implement them.

5. implement的解释

5. To let such officials implement checks on their use of power is like letting a bird build a cage to put itself in.

6. There will be increasing demand for corporate restructuring and cash flow management, as well as how to implement a better risk control system.

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7. We must stick to the policy of stimulating domestic demand and implement corresponding macroeconomic policies in light of actual needs.

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8. The minister vowed to implement measures to prevent a repeat of the summer catastrophe once conclusions were made by parliamentary and other investigations.

9. Caterpillar has signed sustainable development MOUs with several provinces to jointly determine and implement solutions to their sustainable development challenges.


10. The China Center of Adoption Affairs decided to implement the recommendation and adopt a preferential system.

implement 英英释义


1. instrumentation (a piece of equipment or tool) used to effect an end


1. pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue

e.g. Did he go through with the treatment?
He implemented a new economic plan
She followed up his recommendations with a written proposal

Synonym: follow through follow up follow out carry out put through go through

2. apply in a manner consistent with its purpose or design

e.g. implement a procedure

3. ensure observance of laws and rules

e.g. Apply the rules to everyone

Synonym: enforce apply

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