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  Distinguished leaders, judges, dear teachers: Eng lishtang.com Hello, everybody! Wang Yan today brings you the most sincere speech. Entitled "Light the youth, dedication no regrets."

  Life gives us a great and noble gifts infinite, that is youth. It can be pink Liulv stroll in the warm or fashionable clubbing disco; also be full of expectation, voluntary knowledge and aspirations of the struggle, but also a hopeful confidence. Our Youth in the end look like? Zhao told us: "My youth certainly should create youth of the family, youth of the country, youth of the nation, youth of mankind, youth of the universe." 英语课堂englishtang.com

  "Responsible for the world, carries a hot blood, take off together for nation." Should be the bounden duty of every aspiring youth and mission. However, we should work to become outstanding ordinary cause not everyone can do, even now, some people, the colorful face of obvious economic tide restless and ready to make trouble, they began to abandon, solid poor gentleman, indifferent to fame and fortune of thinking. Start envy "BMW Man Road, Hong Thai car," the style and enjoyment. Material temptations, they seem to have forgotten the "Zhenshuiwuxiang, silent love" is a kind of noble. Even think red candles, the gardener, silkworms, paving stone, is a sad tragic metaphor. So today we advocate: to serve the people, proud, ashamed to betray the people to take pride in hard work to indolent ashamed. copyright englishtang

  That there are many things to give to others, the less often the more points, while the more points it is something more, that is love. Love is not obtained, not equivalent to the exchange, but the pay is granted,伤感说说, is hard work, is self-sacrifice, to serve the people. "Holding a heart with no half-blade of grass to" This is our people's teacher. Not an enviable wealth and power, there is no mighty fame and glory and no leisurely comfort and ease. Therefore, as a teacher, you must have passion for the cause of socialist education and loyalty, we must use the new era of "Eight Honors," to arm himself with his knowledge, talent, youth and life dedicated to this cause faith and determination.

  In the education front, I'm just a recruit, just begun to work, I also have doubts in their own choice, this is your dream profession? The gap between ideal and reality gives me a trace of the retreat. But just a year and a half years, I have seen too much devotion and dedication of a busy figure, listened to too much afraid of hard, tireless deeds: there was an ordinary teacher, unfortunately, suffer from spinal cord inflammation, neck could not move, can not turn back, legs can not music, but relying on the education of the sincere heart, he is still stubborn stand by the podium, the students looked at him Renzhuojutong, braved the cold sweat, where lectures, are all moving forward, move us to have such a good teacher ... ... english tang .com

  Our office, a female teacher, language lesson planning team leader, husband, though not in the forefront of education, but also in the educational system, when compared to understand the work of teachers, usually the home, the child's transfer, almost the full burden, but finally once I'm back, seen eating instant noodles in depressed son to see a drop of water left at home without the thermos, sticking out the door alone to work overtime to see to write lesson plans for his wife, he finally angry: "I do not believe you even to the Children under the point of hot noodles in the work are not, I can not understand you are an elementary school teacher how the Mody busy, the earth away from you do not turn you ... ... "Yes ah from her world turn and do it, but classes will be transferred without Activity, grades will be transferred to slow Yeah, carefully think about it, she owed the child, due to her husband's too much, and determined to work tomorrow, some to put off students, to push a push to do home visits, go home early also go to kindergarten take a child to the husband would also warming up to the food ... ... The next day, went to the kindergarten son, but was cut-off shift of the teachers at the door, said: "We have responsibility for children, not their children to strangers ... ... "" Stranger "? ? Was about to explain, but I thought, "Yes ah, in addition to the son of the first day of school a year ago, with his son over to report that this should be the second step into the doors of kindergarten, the teacher explained to me how I am not ' strangers', I was a child's biological mother? "Just then, the son of the classroom came cries of excitement:" Look, when my mother, my mother finally decided to pick me up instead. My mother can be a powerful She is a teacher! her more than I am a child, there are 46 do ... ... "This is our teacher, that is the people around me, too many such examples.

  When I boarded that platform, not, should be the stage, I seem to feel both sides of the purple curtain is slowly opened. The most lively drama begin. I am most excited is that this drama has a group loyal to their role in the actors - my students! This drama is perhaps the world's longest, and this, I want to be an enthusiastic announcer, announced to the audience: XX class drama has begun! I think I still should be a qualified director. I want to export full of contemporary drama to: united, alert, earnest and lively is its keynote; understanding, friendship, development, innovation should be its main content; love this collective, and by this love is its collective the main story. As a director I will have to carefully design the plots, the typical role of the fascinating story of dedication to all of the actors. I am also wi(励志报告 )lling to do a supporting role, the best of my power as the lead service, serve. Not only that, I would like to be a most devout audience, the actors performed their sincere smiles, tears, applause, blowing calls. Eng lishtang.com

  The purpose of life, is not renowned and enjoy, but in spiritual enrichment and career success. Soldiers who did not have when not general; no sailor, who is also captain when not; no multi-line multi-industry division of labor, state and nation does not exist.

  Education is not sacrificed, but to enjoy; not duplicate, but to create; not a living, but life itself! englishtang.com

  Teachers to heat and light of life is prolonged, people's true feelings between the constant interpretation of the heart to love non-stop delivery, the gene content and progress of social civilization deeply shocked everyone on Earth also deeply touched me ... ...

  I ask myself: "If I were a drop of water, I nourish a single inch of land? If I were a ray of sunshine, I light up a dark? If I were a screw, I stick with my post? Point point drops, faint trace strands, clusters, irrigation is fertile 10000 inclination to illuminate the Grandeur of China, nurturing the new life, prop up the great motherland.


  Dedication is a wonderful poem, devotion is a moving song, in the obscurity of the dedication, I appreciate the work of the fun, colorful life, youth, bright, brilliant career; great country we need dedication, hot needs of our dedication, dear and beloved children we need to sacrifice. Dedication to our youth, contribute our wisdom and dedication of our sweat. In the dedication of improving their lives, in devotion to realize the value of life, the dedication was sincere and magnanimous. I would like to selfless devotion to youth, dedicated to my great education.

  My lecture, thank you!

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